OPEN on Sorsion’s No. 1 store, Kaouyama

Sorcion, who develops, manufactures and sells interior goods, opens its first real store in Raizan (Nagoya-shi Chikusa-ku).
Rokuzan is an area of ​​attention in Nagoya, with old-fashioned townscapes where shopping streets develop along the approach of Nittaiji and new and old cafes and sundry shops that have advanced in recent years and mix their own atmosphere. It is also a city where many young artists and creators gather, and I thought it was the best place to open an antenna shop. Opening is February 17, 2017 (Friday).

IKEX Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Kasugai in Aichi Prefecture in 1980 and is an industrial manufacturer handling the manufacture of molds for automobiles and aircraft.
We launched “SOLCION (Sorcion)” in 2012, including the development of BtoC products with products that can be sent from our company. Based on the concept of “never before,” develop diverse products regardless of genre and material. Directly managed WEB shop SOLCION ONLINESHOP, others, net · catalog mail order, specialty shop etc sells.

Utilizing design know-how, while being lightweight, folding chair and patat which realized “load capacity 100 kg” has become a hit item to sell 200 thousand pieces in two and a half years, but recognition as a brand is still shallow, real shop I would like to raise the name recognition from local people by opening.

Store name ■ SOLCION

Sales ■ 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Sunday – 17: 00) Tuesday regular holiday

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City 2-5 Yamagamachi Chisakami-ku 2,4 Sakuma Building

Access ■ Nagoya Municipal Higashiyama Line ·
Rikuyoyama Station More than 2 minutes on foot

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