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On rainy days, when you fold an umbrella your hands will not get wet
When you fold the umbrella, just push the umbrella stand up!
When you open your umbrella with a magnet

Shape / size / specification

【Material】 PE · Neodymium Magnet · PVC
【Total Weight】 Approximately 30g
【Size】 50x180x4mm (Expanded state)
【Design】 All 16 types

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● To prevent accidents, please do not swing the bulk while using.
● Be careful not to pinch your fingers between the magnets.
● Do not bring it close to those affected by magnetic force.
● Please note the falling in use.
● There are umbrellas that can not be used depending on the structure and material.

More Information

Pet carry with cleaning goods storage box With toilet paper, wet tissue, deodorant mist, it is possible to store three, with a built-in cleaning box. The cleaning box fits comfortably into the pet carry.

You can see the outside from the side window ♪ peace of mind ♪ Outing with pets, worrying about something … even such times.
The side is a mesh window with excellent breathability, so you can see the appearance of your pet and be relieved.

Convenient for folding and storage · portable! It can be folded thinly, it is convenient to carry with Carry alone. I will not take a place to keep it when I do not use it for a while.


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