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LED candle realized real flame
Reliable with LED light
With light / dark sensor

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A real candle

An unprecedented scheme (PCT international application) that shakes the LED light itself. Fluctuations of natural and soft flames have different personality from one to another. Even if you see it nearby, the real flame seems to be real, even when you turn it off, you can see the difference. Please experience the real texture you can only taste with Chandel.

Reliable with LED light

It is not really burning, so there is no worry of burns or fires. You can use it with confidence in the bedside or in a room with children / pets.

Chandelle usage example

With light / dark sensor

When the switch is set to AUTO, the light sensor automatically turns on when it gets dark, and automatically turns off when it gets bright. About 100 hours continuous lighting.

Can be used with AA batteries (2).

>> tentosen Example of use

Shape / size / specification

Shape / size / specification

【Material】 ABS resin
【Color · Variation】 All 5 colors (White, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow)
【Size】 W Approximately 9.9 × D Approx. 8.3 × H Approximately 13.7 (cm)
【Weight】 300 (g)
[Power consumption] 0.15 (W)

How to use

1. Place two batteries (AA) in the bottom of the unit.
2. When the switch is turned on, it lights continuously.
3. When the switch is set to AUTO,
it automatically lights up when it becomes dark by the light sensor, and automatically turns off when it becomes bright.

About using Chandelle

● The size of the flame of the LED, how to fluctuate each individual. Please enjoy the distinctive fluctuation.
● The light / dark sensor (AUTO) mode turns off with a slight light because it is set to ON in the dark.
In addition, the sensitivity of the bright / dark sensor may cause some errors depending on the body color.
● When using multiple AUTO modes at the same time, it may
blink or turn off in response to the light of the flame of the adjacent LED . Please use the distance until it lights up.


● It is not a real candle. Please do not ignite.
● It is a precision instrument. Strong shocks cause breakdown.
● If it gets wet with water it may cause malfunction.
● Please place it on a flat place.

More Information

Perfect for gifts

To light up at the event

Auto off by light / dark sensor

Auto off by light / dark sensor

To accompany the home party

Perfect for gifts

To light up at the event

To light up at the event


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