Interior Board

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Shape / size / specification

[Materials] Polyurethane
【Total Weight】 Approximately 250 ~ 300g
【Size】 300 × 300 × About 30 (mm)


Lightweight and soft wall decorative piece

As a decoration of the wall, we made it possible to take advantage of the lightweight properties of foamed urethane texture, which was regarded as difficult due to its weight such as “rock” and “concrete”. Approximately 300 g with 30 cm square.
Because it is light weight, it can be installed in your favorite place.

Precise Texture

Since it transfers from the real material, it reproduces precise texture. Realistic texture of natural materials makes the atmosphere of the room even more vivid.

Choose according to space, enjoy combination

Depending on the style of the interior, you can enjoy interior with high originality with combinations of yourself, from one of various textures to one or more.


● Please do not install near the fire, such as oil stove.
● Please do not install in the reach of children’s hands.
● Please keep in a place out of reach of children when keeping.
● Do not use it for purposes other than its original purpose.
● If it gets dirty please wipe it off with a lightly dampened cloth. Do not use thinner or benzene alcohol solvents.
Discoloration, discoloration, the body may be deformed.
● When installing on a wall or the like, please check on the structure that the wall can withstand the load to prevent injury or product damage due to falling during use.
● In the unlikely event that it falls, please install it in a place not dangerous.
● This product is made of flexible urethane foam. Depending on the properties of the material, pressing the surface strongly with your fingers or the like may cause denting.


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