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【Easy to assemble, light and compact for easy portability】
【Fashionable design and pleasingly comfortable to sit on】
【Select from three size variations according to use】
【Choice of seven colours, one is sure to be right for you】
【Indoor and outdoor use everywhere】
【Water resistant and easy to wash】
【Easy to store, ready when you need it】

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Shape / size / specification

【Material】 Foam polypropylene · Steel

【Color · Variation】 All seven colors

(Red, Green, Orange, Navy, Brown, Black, Pale White)

【Weight 】 600g

【Load Capacity】 100Kg

【Assembly Size】 450x350x250mm (Sitting Height : 300 mm)

【Folding size】 540 x 370 x 10 mm


● When using for the first time, it may be difficult to open. (Corrective action )

● At the beginning of use, the shape may be difficult to stabilize. (Corrective action )

● Please do not use for purposes other than sitting purpose.

● Do not use in places with steps or in unstable places where the slope is remarkably large. There is a possibility of damage, falling over.

● When using, follow the instructions, please use correctly assembled state. If it is not correctly assembled, there is a danger of falling over.

● When assembling and folding, please be careful not to pinch your fingers in the gap.

● When using by children please use under parents.

● If you sit on the corner of the seat, the shape may be deformed. Please sit down in the middle of the seat without excessive momentum.

● Keep away from fire and cigarettes.

● When removing dirt, please use neutral detergent.

More Information

Easy to assemble, easy to

Light and compact PATATTO is easy to carry. There is possession of a lightweight body, you can freely carry like a bag.
Assembly is also one step, complete by opening and pushing!
Please see the movie for details.

Light weight, compact, easy to carry

Fashionable design and
comfortable seating comfort

PATATTO is comfortable to sit comfortably because the seat surface is curved,
I’m glad that it will not get tired even if sitting for a long time
Please choose your favorite one from a variety of color variations.

Light weight, compact, easy to carry

Three size variations that you can
choose according to your application

There are three types of PATATTO, PATATTO 300, PATATTO, PATATTO mini, each size is different.
You can choose PATATTO for you according to your purpose.

If indoor scene PATATTO 300

Because the height is 30 cm, comfort is comfortable. If it is put in the living room, it becomes also an interior. It is useful even as a spare chair at the time of a sudden visitor.

Outdoor or indoor even PATATTO

For girders who are burdened with middle-lumbar work, working outside and so on. If it gets dirty, you can wash it. Even as an auxiliary chair when putting on boots and boots.

If it is an outdoor scene PATATTO mini

When I have lunch outside or when I want to sit a bit in the queue. Even though it is light weight, it is reliable with a load capacity of 100 kg! Even parent and child can use it.

When not in use, it can be stored in the gap

When folded the thickness is only about 1 cm. Because it can be stored in the gap such as the back of the sofa, it is easy to put in and take out.

I will not take up space even in the car

Camping and outdoor festivals, BBQ and fireworks, fishing, swimming in the sea, such as leisure is perfect for accompanying. You can store many pieces in the gap of the trunk.

Possible to carry in bags PATATTOmini

Compact size that fits comfortably in bags and backpacks! It is convenient for carrying. If you put it in the attached vinyl case, you will not get dirty inside the bag.

Three types of size comparison

PATATTOmini / PATATTO / PATATTO 300 Size Comparison

I understand that there are three sizes of PATATTO, but I do not know the size feeling well … to that person.

I ordered the pictures taken at the same magnification in the same way.

Assembled and folded

When a staff of 160 cm in height sits

In a folded state, when viewed from directly above


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