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extend! To bend! Soft band
By using the front and back, the width widens
Colorful color usage and various shapes

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extend! To bend! Soft band

Because it is made of silicone, it has elasticity and flexibility, so you can change the shape and pin it on the wall or board. Please help us to decorate or to forget what you want to keep in your life.

By using the front and back, the width widens

Pin holes can be stuck with dedicated pins from both sides, and you can stop, pinch and pinch things of different thickness and shape.

>> tentosen Example of use

Colorful color usage and various shapes

All five colors are color variations.
There are 4 types of shapes, branched and branched, and they can be used properly depending on the place, use, and thing to be stopped.

>> tentosen Example of use

Shape / size / specification

【Material】 Body: Silicone rubber, Special pin: Polystyrene resin / Stainless steel 【Size】
① About H123 × W123 × D7 (mm)
② Approximately H79 × W90 × D7 (mm)
③ About H10 × W50 × D7 (mm)
④ About H10 × W90 × D7 (mm)
⑤ H20 × W10 × D10 (mm)
【Thickness】 2 mm (thickness including the pin hole is 7 mm )
【Color · Variation】 All 5 colors
(Coral Red, Lime Green, Sky Blue, White, Black)
【Weight】 Approx 43g


● Please be careful not to damage your fingers etc with the pin.
● Please use and store in places where pets and children’s hands can not reach.
● The body is silicone rubber. If you have any allergies, please pay attention to it, if you find any symptoms, stop using it immediately and consult your medical institution.
● Do not apply excessive force as it may cause damage

More Information

An example of using tentosen will be shown in the photograph. When using a board, we recommend that one that is as stiff as possible.

As a fixed position of familiar things

A white board with a sticky note and a pen

Favorite accessories with a mirror

As a key storage place at home

For measures against forgotten items before going to work


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