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This is a toy box?! Unique form
Fun to put in and out from various directions



This is a toy box?! Unique form

Form which was not in the toy box so far.
Warmth that the texture of wood makes you feel, and a form full of humor, directs surprise and smile in your room.

Fun to put in and out from various directions

Because it is 360 degrees rubber, you can easily take out the items below. It depends on you what to put in. Favorite stuffed animals, T – shirts, sweets … With
fun to put in and take out, we can also take care of the cleaning. Fun to watch, take out and have fun TOY STORAGE (toy storage).

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TOY STORAGE Size / Specification

※ We changed to new specifications from March 1, 2017
【Size】 W29 × D29 × H60 (cm)
【Weight】 Approximately 2.3kg
Top plate · Bottom plate: (rubber wood laminated material)
Post: (Hinoki)
Rubber string: (natural rubber + polyester)
Fastener: PP
【Preliminary Goods (included)] 1 rubber cord each, 2 fasteners
【selling price】 14,040 yen (tax included)


※ When using by children please use under parents
● Do not use near a fire such as a stove. It may cause a fire.
● Do not lean against the product or sit on the top board. It may lead to unexpected accidents.
● Do not use damaged or deformed products. It can lead to injury.
● Do not use in unstable places. There is a danger of falling down or damage.
● Depending on the stored items, care may be required when taking out.
● Do not drag in with the product in the product. There is a possibility that this product may be damaged or the floor may be scratched.
● Product specifications and design may be changed without prior notice for improvement etc.

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It is fun to put various balls

For children’s T-shirt

Even if you stock sweets

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